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John Perme ('51)

Richard Amerian ('56)

Gerald W. Bridges ('56)

John O. Macardican ('57) - Passed away October 21, 2002.  According to his family, John made his fortune in the trash business, which actually started as a result of being suspended from USC.  His punishment was to have to keep Fraternity Row clean for a month or so, and the rest is history

William F. Blackburn ('59)

Fred Reese ('60)

Thomas E. House ('62)

Richard Flora ('66) - Passed away on April 28, 2009 of complications from Parkinson's disease, at the age of 64.  He founded Shur Medical Corporation and Biosyntec Inc., patenting wound-closure strips and numerous other medical products.  He is survived by daughters Pam Flora Peace and Beth Flora Horton, and grandchildren Grace, Graham, Ellie, Logan, Kate, Holly and Kelvin.

Robert Sorenson ('69)

Leo Mascarenas ('71)

Thomas T. Ahearn ('72)

Tom Klepper ('76)

Timothy M. Erbe ('82) - June 1, 2002

Joseph A. Cerrito ('87)

Jason Arthur Bayer ('88)


Alana and Troy Pack, children of Bob Pack ('75).  Carmen and Bob Pack's children, Alan and Troy were tragically killed by a hit and run driver on October 26, 2003.  The Pack's have established a new foundation www.troyandalana.org whose goal is to help educate the public about traffic safety and responsibility, to promulgate legislation for traffic safety, and to help implement enforcement of those laws. 

Al Spellmire, son of Jim Spellmire ('73).  Jim and Arlene Spellmire's son, Al, died on July 12, 2003, while hiking with his father in the desert near Landers, California.  Click here to learn more about the accident and about the memorial bench that has been establish in his memory.

Carson Bosley, son of Jamie Bosley ('87), died of a stroke at age 7 on July 29, 2008. Click here and here to read more and subsequent tributes to Carson.


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